360° Campaign | Treat with Love
The holidays are a time when special moments with family are in abundance, and since our pets are part of the family, we want to include them in the celebration. BLUE treats are the perfect way to do that. This campaign captures the happy moments that pet parents have with their dogs and cats as they share the season’s joy in the form of a tasty treat with healthy, high-quality ingredients that pet parents can trust.
Strategy:  BLUE Treats are fun and tasty – something you and your dog will enjoy. Included in Life Moments – spike in treat sales during holiday are a result of people wanting to sharing that moment/time period with their pet. They’re part of the family. 
My Role: Senior Art Director | Creative Directors: Andrea Espach and Dan Sylvester | Content Director/Copy Writer: Michelle Yue | Photographer: Karen Morgan | Marketing Manager/Strategy: Pascal Rahardjo
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